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        Firearm Valuations


        Looking for an evaluation on firearms? Ian is our experienced and professional valuer who has been employed by Adelaide Gun Shop for Twenty years.


        Ian can offer written quotations and valuations on inspection for:

        -                                  General Sale and Trade.

        -                                  Deceased Estates

        -                                  Firearms Seized by SAPOL

        -                                  Insurance Purposes


        Ian is also available to inspect/value firearms and accessories by appointment only in the metropolitan area. (Outer suburbs may be accepted if viable)

        Consignment Sales:
        Unfortunately, we no longer offer Consignment Sales. Other options are Trade-in and out-right buy.


        Please note:

        Valuations will take a minimum of 24 to 48 hours.

        Costs will vary with the number of firearms to inspect plus travelling time. Costs will be discussed on contact before appointment is made.



        For more information or to make an appointment call

        -                      (08) 8231 35 70 - The Adelaide Gun Shop