Lithgow: Lithgow LA-102 Crossover Walnut Bolt Action Rifle

Lithgow LA-102 Crossover Walnut Bolt Action Rifle

Manufacturer: Lithgow
Sales price $ 1740.00

Quick Overview

Lithgow LA-102 Crossover Walnut Bolt Action Rifle

New Centerfire Lithgow LA-102 Crossover Bolt Action Rifle.

To be offered in Calibers: .223rem, .243win and .308win

Black or Titanium Cerakote Finish.

WEIGHT: 3.5 kg (Polymer) 3.7 kg (Timber)
OVERALL LENGTH: 1067-1087 mm (Polymer adjustable) 1077 mm (Timber)
BARREL: Proprietary, military grade steel, cold hammer forged. Medium varmint weight, target crowned. Coated in Cerakote™
MUZZLE THREAD: M14 x 1 Right Hand
RECEIVER: High tensile steel with plate recoil lug. Picatinny rail. Coated in Cerakote™
STOCK: Floated design with three sling studs, available in polymer, walnut and laminate
LENGTH OF PULL: 337-357mm (Polymer Adjustable) 347mm (Timber)
TRIGGER: Single stage, three way adjustable for weight, sear engagement and draw length. Factory set at 1.5 kg release
ADJUSTMENT RANGE: Approximately 0.75 kg – 1.9 kg
SAFETY: Three position, bolt shroud mounted, rotating safety catch with indicator. Safety catch over-cocks and blocks the firing pin and disconnects the trigger
MAGAZINE: Removable, single stack box magazine, polymer construction.