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Giampiero Pardini, a Tuscan born in Camaiore, was an outstanding marksman in Italian sport shooting. Over the years, he asserted himself in all the short-firearm target-shooting disciplines. Driven by his passion for sport shooting and mechanics, in just a few years, Mister Pardini became a manufacturer of sporting pistols. He was then able to develop a complete range of such products which soon experienced wide international success and are, to this day, exported worldwide to more than a hundred countries. The specialization in production, initially focused on short firearms, the small size of the company, which provides maximum production flexibility and an extremely efficient after-sales service, have enabled Pardini Armi to consistently work closely with sporting shooters and to provide them with innovative, competitive and reliable products.


The history of the firm started in 1970, when Giampiero Pardini entered the sport shooting scene. Just one year later, he became a member of the Italian national team. In the meantime, he launched into developing a free-pistol project that came into production in 1976, named PGP75. The new pistol soon drew the attention of the experts and kindled the interest of sporting shooters, who were thus able to easily improve their results.


In 1981, Pardini Armi collaborated with Fiocchi Munizioni in distributing Pardini pistols all over the world. In the same year, the P10 compressed-air pistol was introduced, with lever loading, which soon inspired a new generation of target pistols.

In 1983, Pardini Armi completed the range of pistol firearms for target shooting with the GPO (a rapid fire pistol), SPE (a standard and sport pistol) and MP (a center-fire pistol) models.

In 1993, the PC range of large-caliber pistols was introduced.


A series of compressed-air pistols was extended year after year until 2008, when the K 10 appeared, followed by the K 12, now in production since 2012. The pistol firearms series was updated in 1991 (GP, SP and HP models) and, in 2016, with the new All-in-One, equipped with a conversion system that makes it suitable for competing in every 25m pistol-firearm events.

Concerning the free pistol, the PGP75 was first replaced by the K50 model, then by the K22 and the FPM, in production today. The PC series has been replaced by the new GT.

In 2013, Niccolò Campriani, gold and silver medalist at the London Olympics, joined the Pardini family and contributed to completing the design of the innovative GPR1 compressed-air rifle, available in Top, Evo and Pro versions. At IWA 2017, Pardini Armi introduces the evolution of its top level air pistol, K12 Absorber New, and 2 new versions of its air rifle: the brand new GPR1 Light and the high power GPR16.

The successes of the Pardini team on the international scene are plentiful.


Ralf Schumann and Roberto Di Donna, the first representatives of Pardini, won two gold medals during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.


Later, in Sydney, 2000, Pardini won a gold medal in the compressed-air pistol event, one silver and one bronze in the rapid-fire pistol event.

At the Athens 2004 Olympics: two gold medals (rapid fire pistol and 25m pistol women), one silver (25m pistol women) and one bronze (air pistol women).

At the Beijing 2008 Olympics: one silver and one bronze (rapid fire pistol).

At the London 2012 Olympics: two gold medals (rapid fire pistol and 25m pistol women), two silver medals (rapid fire pistol and air pistol men) and two bronze medals (rapid fire pistol and 25m pistol women). At 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Pardini Armi wins 7 medals: the gold medal in the men’s 10 meters rifle event with Niccolo’ Campriani and the complete podium of rapid fire and sport pistol specialties.

During its forty-year-long history, Pardini Armi continued its evolution. It is no longer the small workshop equipped with a mere lathe and grinder. It has turned into a complex industrial business operated by fourteen CNC machines and a staff of twenty employees dedicated to highly skilled work and the satisfaction of their numerous worldwide custom.