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Our Philosophy

Welcome to the Norma world of precision, excitement, reward and continuous renewal!

When does the hunt start - when is it really over? For the true hunter the answer is easy, it’s a journey that once begun and one that never ends. As every journey it has its peak moments – the Hearth of the moment when you feel your heart pounding, the palm of your hand getting moist, the target is in the perfect position and you pull the trigger – and you know that Norma will deliver the expected result, over and over again.


Many of us at Norma also keen hunters and shooters, with numerous Olympic-, World- and European championship medals proving that we know what we speak about. Thorough preparations are required to make the score and beat records. Just like the day on the range or in the field, every day in our modern production facility begins with reinforcing the target to perform even better than yesterday. Precision is the key word, the mantra we all repeat. Just to make sure we don´t ever forget, it´s even incorporated in our company name; Norma Precision AB. 

Hitting the target, predictably every time, is a key objective for every hunter and sports shooter. Norma has successfully fulfilled the demands of the global hunting and sport-shooting community for over a decade, always being contemporary, always being reliable. At Norma, precision begins with selecting the right materials, employing and training the best people and running state-of-the-art machinery that turns out the correct product every time. We test each production batch several times whilst the components are being manufactured, and no product leaves our premises before it has proven that it delivers what is expected. We know, that when you use a Norma product you can focus 110% on your target, no need to be distracted by worry how the cartridge will perform when you put it to work. 

For over 110 years Norma has enjoyed the trust of the global hunting and shooting community. Our every action is aimed towards making sure this trust is reinforced every time you use a Norma product. Our promise to the shooting community is simple – quality in every aspect, unmatched precision every time. Failure is not an option! We are only satisfied when you are satisfied!