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FYRLYT is different and when you consider the verifiable facts you may well question what you previously believed.

In 2011, FYRLYT's design team began with a clean sheet approach. No legacy constraints and vast experience in what makes a quality driving light. The design brief was simple.

A driving light to deliver a beam of light resulting in less driver fatigue and a volume akin to a wall of light. Vital was that this light RESOLVE MAXIMUM DETAIL of typical road hazards in wide ranging conditions. HID, LED & HALOGEN were all considered.

Beware of 'BRANDS' or 'experts' insisting that 'BRIGHTER & WHITER' like daylight makes the best driving light. Ask them to validate their claim with verifiable proof.

Cutting edge design often begins with open mindedness, research and listening to the market. Unfortunately these values are often compromised by inflexible corporate structures, lack of qualified knowledge or other agendas.

Result? Generic products that offer no extra value and in the case of many HID & LED driving lights, sourcing cheap generic Chinese components with inaccurate specifications etc. In time you have brands, resellers and the media perpetuating a standard that the market accepts in good faith as the best solution.

FYRLYT went back to core principals. What if we could create a light that delivered more volume, superior definition and less eye fatigue than HID or LED? What if we could make a light genuinely built for a lifetime of use and easy maintenance? What if we could do all that, plus save the customer BIG money?

Yes, it’s HALOGEN but not as you may know it! Our German 5000 & 9000 lumen bulbs are way beyond standard OEM headlight bulbs and produce a quality of light that is unrivaled by any HID or LED. If you think it sounds too good to be true then please ask us any questions you wish. We are here to help and assist those enthusiasts OBLIGATION FREE that are serious about driving lights.

FYRLYT's halogen bulb exceeds any LED or HID explained.

Truth? Ask a real FYRLYT customer.

Asking for advice or opinions re driving lights often results with a manic one eyed response with little factual reasoning aside from the fact the person cannot bear to be wrong on their purchase choice or it is what they 'have to' sell or in the case of 'some' media and celebrities, appease an 'advertiser'.

Seek feedback on the FYRLYT facebook page so you can hear it directly from real FYRLYT owners. Many of these have used many different types of lights over the years and have a wealth of experience. 

Who buys FYRLYT and why?

Many FYRLYT customers have come from using bargain bin ebay specials to big brand HID and LED setups costing $1600 plus. However there was something intrinsically lacking or they witnessed FYRLYT side by side with their lights and suddenly realised FYRLYT had a desirable 'quality' their lights did not.

This is easy for you to verify from the 'horse's mouth' by asking on our Facebook page.

Why FYRLYT is not HID or LED.

HID, LED or HALOGEN? FYRLYT's designers soon identified HID & LED as fundamentally defficient in the realm of CRI, the colour rendering index compared to HALOGEN. The quest was on to find or design a bulb to deliver a quality of light that HID or LED cannot by virtue of their current inherant limitations.  NOTE: This may change given further technical developments or new technologies. Naturally, FYRLYT would then re-evaluate and consider that option.  Illumination being equal, why would you choose a light that sacrifices image detail that is fundamental in your ability to react appropriately in milliseconds at speed covering 'x' distance per second?   Think of listening to your favourite song via an AM radio versus a quality hifi system. The difference is obvious! Similarly the 'quality' of the light emitted from a FYRLYT delivers more detail than any HID or LED. READ MORE ON THE 'CRI' page.

Isn't halogen outdated technology?

No it is not when it pertains to driving lights and one worth looking at in a broader context. The 'EXPERT' often fails to consider that just because they are not aware of it does not mean it DOES NOT EXIST. This renders any 'opinions' from the source as naive or egocentrically ignorant at best.

Our 'expert' has fallen for the trap of reciting common media/marketing spin that all halogen bulbs are 'X', especially common with OEM headlight type bulbs that must conform to standards which constrain their output.

The FYRLYT bulb from Osram in Germany has no such constraints and delivers a REAL 5000 and 9000 lumens.

What about current draw on my alternator?

Perhaps one of the most common concerns and misconceptions. The vast majority of modern vehicles have absolutely zero issues in running a loading of 300W or 500W driving lights. The majority of our early testing was done with a bog standard FJ Landcruiser for hours at a time at low speed stop start driving with zero issues. We find most problems anyone has comes back to incorrect wiring, wiring gauge, bad connections, terminations and or faulty relays. If in doubt get your electrics sorted 'ONCE' by a 'REPUTABLE' professional auto electrician. Otherwise you could waste a lot of money and not forgetting the inconvenience.

Too often the 'expert' fails to understand that you are only drawing load when the device is switched on. So even if you are running a fridge, a stereo and your lights the arithmetic is quite simple to figure what is the real load on your electrical system. Our final comment is this. If what we designed did not work, how is it after several years we have so many happy customers

How long will a NEMESIS 250W bulb last?

The German Osram bulb was engineered to operate in specific conditions and perform at 'X' level with no issues. The housing and all components were engineered around the 150W and 250W bulb. Consider this, if a FYRLYTs did not last and perform as we market them how is it our business continues to grow? Our 250W NEMESIS is rated at 300 hours so basic arithmetic says that is 30,000km of night driving. As you can see those that scream the sky is falling must also be the same types who think you should only change your oil every 100,000 km.

MUST READ! Can I use my existing wiring harness?

It is vital that the wiring harness be able to deliver the minimal correct voltage of at least 13.2V AT THE BULB to ensure maximum output. A default cheap wiring harness rated for 100W lights is just not sufficient. We do offer a wiring harness to suit the FYRLYT 5000 lights or you can see the specifications required and fabricate your own. The 9000 NEMESIS lights have additional requirements at another level again due to their extreme output. Please refer to 'WIRING INSTALLATION' page.