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In 2011 Franchi launched its radically renewed image. A new, modern and simple logo that can be easily remembered and that is more attractive for young hunters.
A new claim: “Franchi Feels Right”, which firmly reminds the Company’s audience that at the core of each Franchi project there’sis always the hunter. It is the hunter in fact, who will sense excitement and unique emotions in carrying out his favorite activity and will become an integral part of a natural environment to be experienced with always growing passion.


Franchi mission is to offer to the market a suitable product for its ergonomic, ballistic and mechanical features, capable of responding to the needs of its customers.
Shotgun and hunter become a single entity in perfect harmony with the naturenatural environment, in compliance with hunting regulations.


It’s a simple truth: when your gun feels right, all is right with the world. Your day goes a little smoother. Your confidence level climbs, and you find yourself noticing all the little things that truly make the hunt. How the pointer’s tail tells all, long before that pop ever locks up. The way the wind comes up just after dawn, and with it, the sound of flapping wings. How you’re part of this natural world, not just some spectator. That my friends, feels right. And it all starts the moment you grab your Franchi, a box of shell and leave everything else behind.



Established in 1868 and now part of the prestigious Beretta Group, Franchi is a solid company, in constant development.
Our 142 years of passion, research, development and efforts spent side by side to our customers and friends allow us to share the same enthusiasm of every hunter starting a new day immersed in nature. Franchi is one of the leading companies in the Beretta Holding Group, which includes: