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Embrace the obsession...

Duck hunting in Australia is a pursuit of extremes.  From the near freezing temperatures in June experienced by Victorian Duck Hunters through to the 40 degree heat on the rice fields of NSW, conditions change.  One thing remains constant though, and that is the Australian Duck Hunter’s requirement for reliable tools in their quest to fill their bag. 

Here at Fowl Talkers, we hunt as hard as we can, and always look to improve.  That is what defines us, and our philosophy.  We strive for perfection, for that duck to respond to the call, to cup it’s wings and commit, to be taken cleanly, and retrieved faultlessly.  This is what we strive for – this is duck hunting! 

You can rest assured that any Fowl Talkers product has been tested by us, in extreme conditions, because that is what Australian Duck Hunting is all about.  We push ourselves, and our products, to the limit, because we believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.  Our mission is to provide value-for-money, functional and reliable gear to improve the success of Australian Waterfowlers.  Gear you can rely on, whether its setting up decoys, calling ducks in, or hauling them out.   Gear that you know and most importantly, gear you can trust.

Whether you are duck hunting in the southern states of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, out in Western Australia or up into New South Wales and the Northern Territory, we are sure to have something that will appeal to you.

Embrace the Obsession!