About Us - The Adelaide Gun Shop


AGS originally opened in 1974 by Rob Paradis, the doors opened for the first time as a midnight Grand Opening.

Our challenge is to provide you the customer with the best possible prices and personalisd services which has made us the most progressive dealer in this industry!


Come down and see us at 212 Gouger St, Adelaide, or use the convenience of our Online Shop anytime of the day or night! 




Monday to Thursday 9am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 6pm

Saturday 8:30am - 12 noon

Firearms Dealers License #: 101124L


Our Team Of Professionals Includes:



A sporting shooter, who wanted to provide an integrated service to shooters for all types of firearms and accessories. Since 1974 when the shop first opened  Rob’s customers receive a personalised service. His experienced staff have knowledge in all areas of service disciplines.

Rob as of 2019 has now retired from the business, however he still comes in on occasions to talk to his staff & catch up with long time customers. Rob is still the owner. 


 'Pom' as he is affectionately known has been working with AGS for 18 years. Having been a shooter since the age of 7 Ian is always willing to help new shooters into the sport. Pom enjoys shooting all kinds of shotgun events including Sporting Clays and 5 Stand. He also has a liking for old model Winchester and Marlin Lever action rifles as well and old & present model Miroku Over & Under Shotguns. Ian has also built up a nice collection of Sako rifles.

Pom is the person to see if you are looking at selling or consigning a firearm.