Paper & Stcker: Black Carbon MOA Paper Sight-In Target 5 Per Pack

Black Carbon MOA Paper Sight-In Target 5 Per Pack

Manufacturer: Black Carbon
Sales price $ 12.95

Quick Overview

Black Carbon MOA Paper Sight-In Target 5 Per Pack

The only accurate and specifically designed MOA Paper  Shooting Target.


    • Designed Specifically for MOA scopes.
    • High visibility sight - in target - Easy to see reticle lines against bright white background
    • Large size - Great for long distance shooting
    • 7 Target "zones" per sheet
    • Designed and Made in Australia 


The Black Carbon MOA Paper target is the ultimate target for sighting in your rifle or perfecting your shooting skills.

This durable, accurate and highly visible MOA target designed to help refine your accuracy by providing useful and repeatable points of aim.

The target can be used to sight-in your rifle (the process of aligning the scope / sights to your rifle) It’s also perfect for grouping, referencing and conducting box tests with your rifle setup.

The MOA Target grids have been created to be exactly 1.047" against a bright white background making the targets not only easy to see against a scopes black reticle lines and in the outdoors, 

but also precisely accurate to help you increase skill levels by learning how to property use your scope. 

An absolute must have and favourite of ours.


Also available is the Black Carbon MOA and MIL Grouping Card which is an easy to use tool used to quickly measure your mean point of impact and grouping size. 






U1 =   UP 1 MOA        @ 100 YARDS

D1 =   DOWN 1 MOA  @ 100 YARDS

L1 =   LEFT 1 MOA      @ 100 YARDS

R1 =   RIGHT 1 MOA   @ 100 YARDS

GRID = 1.047” (26.60 MM) @ 100 YARDS



Individual target Size: 330mm x 500mm 

Targets Per Pack: 5