FYRLYT: FYRLYT LUXSIS 5000 12V Driving Light (Each)

FYRLYT LUXSIS 5000 12V Driving Light (Each)

Manufacturer: FYRLYT
Sales price $ 299.50

Quick Overview

FYRLYT LUXSIS 5000 12V Driving Light (Each)


Puts HIDs & LEDs at twice the price to shame


The 5000 lumen bulb and reflector optics package delivers an output that slays HID and LED for total light volume and quality at a price point often 50% less than competitors premium models. 


One light. Four models. No gimmicks. Simple.

​FYRLYT is a world first in driving light design. Every component is available and user serviceable for a lifetime of 'AS NEW' performance. No other brand offers this. If you want the best driving light for long distance driving 'OUTBACK', look no further. Less glare and greater detail to make your driving safer.

Design Features

Billet machined aluminium alloy base
The billet machined Aluminium Alloy (T6060-T5) base maintains its impact strength at extremely low temperatures unlike some metals and plastics, whilst providing exceptional resistance to vibration.


SPOT & SPREAD beam in the one light without CLIP ON filters that cost you output

The billet bulb holder has two positions that enables the user to set the light to either SPOT or SPREAD beam pattern. Clip on filters are a gimmick, don't fall for it.


German Osram bulb delivering light quality beyond LED & HID. 100 CRI.

The halogen bulb FYRLYT uses in either its 5000 or 9000 effective lumens version delivers an unrivalled 100 CRI. The best LEDs commonly used in driving lights often reach only 80 CRI and often a lot less. It is this quality and halogens superiority in dusty or moisture laden air (TYNDALL EFFECT) that delivers more detail and greater distance with less glare. Do not be misled by some media and 'experts' that think all halogen bulbs are typically equal in output. (They are often confused with OEM headlight bulbs limited by DOT or ADR regulations.)

Hard coated reflector and lens

The alloy reflector is hard coated to allow for cleaning if ever required. Beware not all light brands do this resulting in reflectors potentially oxidising or being permanently damaged. The lens is hard coated and able to be user replaced by simply rotating via its bayonet design. Beware some brands glue their lenses in meaning the light cannot be repaired or the lens is not even available as a spare part.

Goretec vent breather
The Goretec breather reduces the possibility of water ingress when operated in moist air whilst paradoxically providing a seal if the light is submerged.  


Stainless steel fasteners
The fasteners and globe holder spring in FYRLYT are austenitic stainless steels for optimum corrosion resistance. 
Injection moulded engineering resins
The non metallic components of FYRLYT are manufactured from high impact reinforced and non reinforced engineering polymers with exceptionally high impact and fatigue characteristics. The wall thickness of our housing is substantially thicker than competitors. 


FYRLYT lights are rebuildable
All components can be individually purchased as spares and thanks to smart design are simple to reassemble to as good as new without returning to FYRLYT.