FOWL TALKERS: Fowl Talkers Final Flight DVD

Fowl Talkers Final Flight DVD

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Fowl Talkers Final Flight DVD

Fowl Talkers DVD - Final Flight

Final Flight is the Fowl Talkers second DVD showcasing duck hunting in Australia.  Being filmed over two seasons, it highlights that in an ever changing landscape, adaptability is as important as ever before. 

The boys take you to a variety of different waterfowling locations.  From paddocks, to open lakes and secluded backwaters, this DVD displays the variety available to duck hunters  in Australia.  Utilising decoys, duck calls and hard work, the Fowl Talkers manage some great footage of waterfowl, that will make you feel as though you are in the blind with them.  And of course, it wouldn’t be duck hunting without the help of their faithful Labradors who are as keen as ever.

With a mix of challenging and epic hunts, as well as a new recipe prepared by the one and only Vince Alfonso of Amiconi Restaurant, Final Flight is sure to keep you entertained both in and out of the duck hunting seasons. 


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