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Coaching Workshops

 Introducing Smith Shooting Works. 

The Adelaide Gun Shop is pleased to announce the introduction of a new initiative aimed at enhancing the shooting skills and knowledge of new and experienced rifle shooters. 
This service provides qualified instruction with shooting, sighting and ranging equipment, comprising appropriate selection, application and usage. Specializing in the field of long-range shooting, we also offer tutoring in short and medium range shooting, for hunters and target shooters alike.
Customized Ammunition reloading and load development is also offered for those requiring premium components.

“Smith Shooting works”, short for Smith Shooting Workshops, is led by Steve Smith who has over 30 years professional firearms experience in the areas of pistol, shotgun, rifle target shooting/hunting . 
Steve incorporates 17 years employment in the shooting industry and 15 years service in the Australian Military. 
As a qualified Army (Infantry) small arms coach, Steve offers experience and knowledge at a personal and professional level.

The concept of training the battle shot in the military is now being used in a one on one coaching scenario, (not groups) to implement the shooting principles needed for all aspects of the rifle shooting sports. 
The rifle range and equipment is supplied or advised upon to ensure the desired results are achieved. 
The cost is very affordable when you compare the cost of other courses as well as the expense of consuming ammo and time, for little result.

Courses on hunting techniques, equipment, stalking, tracking and game processing are also being offered.

For information please contact Steve on 0427 540 150 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Inquiries can also be made through the shop on 82313570



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