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Cogswell Harrison

Cogswell & Harrison was established in May 1770 and is London’s oldest surviving gun maker. The company has manufactured an exceptionally diverse range of sporting shotguns and rifles during its long and colourful history. In 2008 the company was purchased by the Brennan family, the proprietors of Ardee Sports Company.

Significant Dates (As extracted from Cogswell & Harrison Two Centuries of Gunmaking by Graham Cooley & John Newton, this book covers the history of Cogswell & Harrison from 1770 – 1993)

1770  Benjamin Cogswell goes into business at 4 Bengal Place, New Kent Road, London.

1794  Hector Essex (said to be a relation of Cogswell), hardware man at 224 Strand, London.

1805 Hector Essex, gunsmith and jeweller at 104 and 223/224 Strand.

1821  Robert Essex, brother of Hector, Silversmith and dealer in firearms. Succeeds to business at 224 Strand.

1835  Edward Benton, Sliversmith and firearms dealer, takes over 224 Strand.

1842 Between 1830 and 1842 Benjamin Cogswell was described as a pawnbroker at 4 Bengal Place. Benjamin Cogswell takes over at 224 Strand address. Advertises himself as “Gun and Pistol warehouse” (successor to Edward Benton).

1857 Advertises himself as Benjamin Cogswell gunmaker at 224 Strand.

1863  Benjamin Cogswell (Jnr) takes Edward Harrison into partnership.Cogswell becomes Cogswell & Harrison at 224 Strand.

1879  Strand premises run in conjunction with new business managed by Edgar Harrison at 142 New Bond Street, London.

1882  Firm becomes a Limited Company. Moves to 226 Strand.

1886  Edward Harrison leases factory at Ferndale Estate in Harrow, Middlesex. Edgar Harrison and Julia Adlas Chaplin owners of Cogswell & Harrison and E. Harrison & Co.

1887  Edgar Harrison takes new lease on Harrow factory. Edgar Harrison and Julia Chaplin enter new business partnership. Edgar Harrison resides at Hindes Road, Harrow

1891 Armourers Club founded (forerunner of the Gun Trade Association). E. Harrison founder member.

1893  Premises leased at 29a Gillingham Street, Victoria, London. Sidney Harrison said to have been based there.

1901  Edgar Harrison is Chairman of the Gunmakers’ Association (predecessor to the Gun Trade Association)

1908  Cogswell and Harrison acquire William Moore & Grey of Craven Street, Strand.

1912  Edgar Harrison is Chairman of the Gunmakers’ Association.

1915  Cogswell Harrison, the only son of Edgar Harrison, is killed in explosion at the company’s powder mills and shooting grounds in Colnbrook.

1917  New West End premises open at 168 Piccadilly, London.

1919  Claude Harrison joins H.H. Hussey to form Harrison and Hussey at 41 Albemarle Street, London.

1924  Edgar Harrison is Master of the worshipful Company of Gunmakers.

1930  Harrison & Hussey (independent company) closes.

1932  Voluntary Liquidation is followed by the formation of Cogswell & Harrison (1932) Ltd.

1938  Edgar Harrison dies. His son-in-law, Major Cordova, becomes Chairman with John Peskett as Managing Director.

1957  Sam Cummings, President of International Armamnets Corp. of the US and Canada, becomes majority shareholder.

1958  Sam Cummings acquires several well-known London Gunmakers including Churchill, Boswell and Cogswell & Harrison to form InterArm Co.

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