Rifle - Regular: Hornady 270cal 130grn SST Projectiles #27302 (Per 100)

Hornady 270cal 130grn SST Projectiles #27302 (Per 100)

Manufacturer: Hornady
Sales price $ 78.95

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Hornady 270cal 130grn SST Projectiles #27302

Hornady's SST bullets combine deadly terminal performance with a high ballistic coefficient. Starting with the proven design of the InterLock bullet, and adding a sharp, pointed tip to cut through the air for faster, flatter shooting. Hornady's engineers then tackled the problem of too-rapid expansion that plagues many tipped bullets and by combining a one-piece core and strengthening the jacket in critical areas, the SST bullet became a bullet that delivers controlled expansion, superior weight retention, and massive shock for a clean, quick kill. In the field you'll soon come to realise that every single detail of Hornady's SST bullet was engineered to shoot flatter, fly straighter, and hit harder.